Just out of interest - who's been lucky enough to have their schools shut by this wonderful weather? I was stuck at home yesterday, but school was open, so I've just ended up with extra homework (the busses were back on today, so I could get in again).


It's really snowy and cold around here. I had to travel by train today and, although they were delayed, I got to where I was going and back. There is more snow on the way apparently. Good excuse to stay indoors and do some flute practice.


I know it is a little bit boring commenting on your own post, but seen as no-one else is, and it is all rather quiet I thought I would. After having a crazy week of exams I don't have any where near my usual tonnes of homework. Looking forward to doing some flute practice, seen as I was revising when cooped up by the snow.


Down here in Brighton all the snow has gone. Unfortunately it has been replaced by wind and rain. Bring on the summer!


Same here!
Bored to tears doing homework, so am doing this instead :)

Mark Banks (not verified)

My school actually posted some Homework!!!

We had six very big snow falls (about20 centimetres deep)


YOu're so lucky! I don't know what snow is!!here in Uruguay there's cold winters, but we NEVER have snowy winters. I'd really like to know how snow is, but i know that i'm lucky because snow can be a problem!Any way, i'm steel in summer, winter starts in june!so, your winter magazine is a summer magazine to me!!haha.


Dani maybe one day you can come to the UK for a Flutewise course - but we can't promise it will snow!

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