How much should I sell my old flute for?

I've bought my new flute over a year ago but I never gt round to selling my old one and now I know of somebody who's thinking of taking up the flute so I was going to sell it to her, but I don't know how much for. It's a Trevor James 10XE II which was bought new in September 2003 and was played until December 2008, it has never been serviced (I know, I know terrible...) the spring making the key to the right of the G# key go down when you press the G key broke once but was replaced, there's a fair amount of tarnish on the inside of the flute (I wasn't so thorough with my cleaning when I was yonger in that most of the time I didn't bother *cringes inside thinking about it*) but not very much on the outside, I can't really judge how well it plays because of course it's going to play worse than my current flute because my current flute is better than my old one. My mum says that she won't take me to one of the London flute shops to get it valued because it's too far, even though we went there to buy my piccolo (I'll never understand her logic...). Wow that was a long post, sorry lol.


Maybe £100 maximum?
If it's never been serviced it'll need that done before it's worth a beginner playing on it - and that'll be about £70...
Hope that helps....!


I agree Gareth, that's the price that first came to my mind, but on reflection I would suggest slightly under, £90 or £95. If you want a quick sale and if you know the person you are selling it to - even £99 sounds so much less than £100 when you are buying something and the buyer will be happy as they'll feel they've got a good deal. As the seller, if you prefer the £100 mark, think about throwing in a beginner tutor book or two (if you still have them and can bear to part with them).

A flute player (not verified)

hello, i bought my flute new in 2002 and didn't play it very oftend. it has never been serviced, but has not scratches or anything. i stopped using it 2007. it is a elkhart 300 series. how much would it be worth now, i know when i first bought it, it was over 200 pounds. the people in my local shop said they'd buy it for £40. is that a good price to sell it at?

Brian Wood (not verified)

I have a Buffet Crampon 6000 series 2 and was wondering what price i should sell it for

Cally (not verified)

Hi! I have a Trevor James Cantabile 2 Flute that I'd like to sell - It was bought around 2004 and I haven't played it in the last 3-4 years really. It was serviced a few years ago, and as I said, hasn't really been touched since. There is no visible damage and I was wondering whether anyone knew how much I could put it on ebay for...or any other suggestions for selling!? Thank you!

Pagigi215 (not verified)

I have a 52 year old silver Artley flute that has been refurbished and is in an exceptionally great condition! There has never been any damage done to it, and it has been passed down through my family. I was wondering if anyone knew or had any idea of the price I could get for it. If you need more information about it, feel free to drop me a comment. Thanks a bunch!!


I suggest you take it to one of the specialist flute shops in London and ask their advice - All Flutes Plus, Just Flutes, Top Wind.

A flute player (not verified)

how much would i sell my yamaha 211 flute for?

Hannah Anderson (not verified)

How much is my Yamaha 211 flute with a curved head joint, bought new in 2007 worth? It has been serviced and is in good working order and clean condition.


It depends on the condition. The current list price is around £500-£550, so maybe somewhere between 40% and 75% of that. If you can, take it to a shop to have it valued. It is impossible to give a price without seeing it. Good luck.

Brian Barnard (not verified)

We bought our daughter an Altus silver flute with a number written on it of A1107.
She reached grade 8 with it and then stopped playing. It is in superb condition and I am sure she could use the proceeds of the sale to help furnish her new house.
An indication of its worth would be very welcome.


It depends on the condition. Check the list price and then look at 40-75% of that.

gypsy (not verified)

How much can i sell my jupiter flute for? Im not sure the model just know its a beginner flute i got about 7 years ago but it only has two small dents about the size of Roosevelt's face on an american dime.


Again it depends on the condition and without seeing it, it's impossible to say. Check the list price and ask 40-75%.

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