Flute Choir Repertoire

I’m often asked about repertoire. Toady it’s the turn of flute choir. This is what is on our list at the moment for our National Flutewise Flute Choir to look at:
Modern Suite (4 flutes) Bonisch
Suite Op 69 Christopher Steel - 6 c flutes
Walk Like This (4 flutes) Ian Clarke
Caribbean Suite (4 flutes) Kelly
Tambourin Gossec (Soldan)
Boismortier Concertos 5 flutes
In the Hall of the Mountain King arr Jerry Randalls
Little Red Monkey Jordan (3 flutes and piano)
Children's Suite Pownings
My Dog Pooh Isaacson
Teddy Bears Picnic
Mozart Eine Kliene Natchmusick quartet
Cossack Ride arr Soldan
Gypsy Airs arr Soldan
Also in the box to look at:
Hanselmann Ddq Rag (3 flutes + alto)
Zgraja Walking Tim quartet
Grieg Holberg Suite op 40 4 or 5 flutes
Alley Cat quartet
Sound of Music
Serendipity Pearce (Boomwhackers)
Colonel Bogey March
Pink Panther
Big Spender
Holcombe Blues Sophistacato quartet

The choir is made up of committed Flutewise members aged 10 to 19 and from Grade 3+ to diploma level.

I hope this helps some of you who run ensembles. More soon.


thanks for putting up this list. found it very helpful too!

A flute player (not verified)

Hi, I run my university's Flute Choir and I have been searching for a version of In The Hall Of The Mountain King. Could you tell me where you got yours?
Hannah Field


It was arranged for us by Jerry Randalls. I'll see if we can have it available on our website soon.

Anonymous (not verified)

Thank you, very helpful

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