Flutewise at Cadogan Hall

Event Type: 
Day event
Cadogan Hall
25 Mar 12
5 Sloane Terrace, London
Flutewise at Cadogan Hall is something very special and exciting for young flute players

We had such a good time at Flutewise Live! in 2009 at the Barbican and Guildhall School of Music and Drama that we thought we ought to do it again - but differently! We are taking some of the favourite elements of the last event and we are presenting them in a very different way.

Our Artist of the Year, Mike Mower, will be highly featured at this event. Mike is currently composing a new flute ensemble piece for us to play on the day which will magically fit together like a Flutewise Jigsaw and he will also  perform for us; we will have a playalong to your favourite pieces (you can let us know which pieces you would like to play); you will be able to shop for all wonderful things flutey and you can hear some of the world's best musicians take part in the 'Wrong Concert'.

In the evening you will blown over by the line up in our Gala Flutewise Concert - players will include Ian Clarke, Gareth Davies, Andy Findon and Mike Mower! What a line-up.

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