Flutewise: A Guide for Young Flute Players

Liz writes: For the last 22 years, every three months, I've produced a magazine for our Flutewise members. In July 2010, I had an accident and fracture my arm. It was a bad break and is proving very difficult to heal. Having only one working arm, we all realised that I couldn't produce the magazine for quite sometime. We had also been noticing the huge increase in printing, paper and postage costs and had been considering how to manage it. The suggestion was made to produce a book, something with a much longer shelf life than a magazine and something that people who weren't members of Flutewise would be interested in buying. If we have a product to sell, the funds will help us to offer more events for our members. With our brilliant website, which has some much on it already and grows every day, I thought the book might be the perfect solution.

It took much more work than a magazine, but it is now at the printers and will be sent out to our members very soon. Copies will be available to buy from our website very soon.

It is packed with photos and great information for young flute players. The contents are:


 Events, History, Photo pages, Flutewise the first 22 years, Our Website, Flutewise is …

Flute Care

Putting your flute together, Drying your flute, Polishing, Servicing/Overhauling, A few flute problems and the solutions, Protect your flute A New Flute The First Toot, The Fife, Flutes for Beginners, The curved headjoint, How much to spend, Time for a new flute, Low C or low B footjoint, Open holes or closed holes, E-mechanism, Does gold or silver make a difference?, How to test a flute
In the shop - What do you recommend?, After sales, The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme, Buying on the Internet, What's in a name?
Headjoints - How to choose a headjoint, Dynamic range, Articulation, Tone colour, Projection.


How to put up a music stand, Inexpensive accessories.


Adverts and information about all our favourite businesses in the flute world

Flute Study

Learn to play the flute well, Finding a teacher, Warming Up, Tone Exercise, A Way of Learning Scales, 
Finding Music to Play, Tips on Posture, Practice Perfect, Quiz, Bracing Matters, Photocopying

Flute Playing

Improving Your Flute Playing, Performance Opportunities, Performance Tips, Music Exams, Exam Experience, Extending Yourself, BBC Young Musician of the Year, My First Term at Music School, Starting an Ensemble

Flute Family

 A Bit of History, Piccolo, Harmony Flutes: Alto and Bass, Exotic Flutes - Contrabass, Hyperbass, Crystal Pearl Flute, Ford Instruments and Nose Flutes

Favourite Flute Players

Ian Anderson, Ian Clarke, Matej Zupan, Mike Mower, David Nicholson

With thanks to the following for their help and input:
Artist: Wendy Standen
Photography: Sarah Drake, Liz Goodwin, Pasha Mansurov, Miha Mikos, Zoe Richards.
Other photographs: Jelle Hogenhuis, Eva Kingma, John Packers, Just Flutes, Pearl Flutes
Enormous thanks to all the people involved in compiling this book: Abbie Burrows, Stephen Clark, Adam Clifford, Hannah Cullum, Danielle Eden, Marion Garver Fredrickson, Liz Goodwin, Emma Halnan, Cathy Hare, Vicki Hodges, Jelle Hogenhuis, Eva Kingma, Nicole Leclercq, Pasha Mansurov, Ian McLauchlan, Gareth McLearnon, Jonathan Myall, Dr. Susan O'Neill, Patrick Onn, Jon Parkinson, Jerry Randalls, Carla Rees, Robin Soldan, Mimi Stillman, Lindy Thwaites and Trevor Wye.

Plus enormous thanks to our advertisers: 
All Flutes Plus, Dawkes Music, John Packer Ltd., Just Flutes, Kevin Mayhew publishers, Muramatsu, Newmoon, Pearl Flutes, The Purcell School, Sheenhan's of Leicester, Top Wind and Trevor James Flutes

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