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Flutewise in Croatia Trailer

I've been playing with iMovies and have put together a little video about Croatia.

Breathing Results from Purcell 2014


This might interest you.

Flute player on the stairs

Jerry Randalls at Purcell


Flutewise at Purcell 2014

Flutewise at Purcell 2014

P14CakeWe had an amazing time at the Purcell School this summer.

Lost Flute!

flute! Can anyone help - Muramatsu MUR0483-IN-81 DSRCE Solid O/H serial

Croatia 2014 photos 3

I hope even more people come to Croatia next summer. Everyone who has been so far really, really enjoyed themselves. It isn't all music making.

Croatia 2014 photos 2

Here are more photos from our course in Croatia


Croatia 2014 photos 1

Here are some photos of our recent course in Croatia


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