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Reviews - so behind

I'm really behind with so much work. There have been a huge number of new books and CDs sent to me recently. I'm trying hard to get on top of them and share them with you.

Abbotsholme photos and video


Flutewise Day in Tonbridge


A Flutewise Horror Story

I have done rather a lot of residential courses over the years and I’ve learnt such a great deal about running the

Beaumont Prize Winner!

Abbotsholme 2016 - Wow!

Adam Walker Recital - FREE! Cancelled

Sadly this has been cancelled due to one of the musicians having an accident.  Adam hopes it will be rescheduled next season.



Flutewise at Abbotsholme - so happy!

I've been really, really worried over the last few weeks about the number of people booked on our course at Abbotsholme this Easter. At one stage it really looked like it wasn't going to happen.

Flutewise at Abbotsholme - amazing offer

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