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Perfect for Christmas?


Festive Flutes Celebrating


Castle Vitturi Workshop

Fluting Stars

Fluting Starscover1

Sounds of Proper Posture

I can highly recommend this event for very keen flute players. Book your place quickly! Contact me if you want booking details by leaving a message in the box below or sending me an email.

Flutewise at Purcell ... wonderful!


Purcell 2015 ... more

We are having a wonderful time (apart from venue problems but the kids aren't really that bothered)  . We worked on small group ensembles in the morning.

Purcell 2015 days 1 and 2

We are back at Purcell for our summer course and we've almost got a full house.  Most people arrived yesterday afternoon and we've all settled in really well.

Two things of interest

These two things should be of interest.

Getting Ready for Purcell

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