Off to Croatia

I'm off to sunny Croatia for my summer school at Kastel Luksic. Abbie and Gareth are joining me this year and I think it's fair to say, we are all really excited.

Flutewise no more

I always feel sad when someone doesn't renew their Flutewise membership, but sometimes it makes me very happy, especially when I know Flutewise has done its job and has supported a young player.

Learning scales- cycle of 5ths

I had an interesting email from Hannah yesterday. One thing she told me is how she has started work on her Grade 7 scales and she is stunned at how many there are.


I've spent six hours sitting in a tax seminar. Will this really improve the quality of mine, or anyone else's, life? All I want to do is play my flute.

Carla goes for a record!

Some of you might remember Carla Woods. She has been a member for many years and has attended lots of events including performing in the Galway Christmas concerts.

So am I still waiting?

Here is what has arrived:
1... someone to tell me the magazine has arrived and they love it


So which of these things do you think I'm waiting for?
1... someone to tell me the magazine has arrived and they love it
2... someone to answer a phone call
3... the postman

Liz is.......

..... waiting.
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