Spooky happenings

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I'm very disappointed

[caption id="attachment_504" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Stephen reading the new Flutewise magazine for the first time."]

Guess who?

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How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Isn't the YouTube Symphony Orchestra a fantastic idea? You can download the music and learn it.

Ahhh... Christmas

What do you think of these Christmas lights?

Another one to bed

I'm delighted to say that the latest magazine is now at the printers and should be ready to go out next week.

Colour - Help Us Decide!!

We are just about ready to send this magazine off to the printers (I hope!) but we need a bit of help. Lots of people have commented how much they like the pull-out music section. Did you notice the paper was coloured? Did you find this useful? It was pale yellow. What colour do you think we should use for this magazine? We'd really appreciate yor help - quickly! Thanks.

News about Wendy our artist

I know everyone loves Wendy's amazing covers. She is so talented. Wendy has produced every cover since the first one - over 20 years!

Magazine time, etc.

Sorry I haven't posted for quite some days. Two reasons - I've been busy with the magazine and no one has left any comments. Comments really spur me on.


I get sent loads of things for potential review in the magazine.
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