Ian Clarke - Tips, Tricks and Alien Noises

Sat 18 and Sun 19 October at the Undercroft, Winchester Cathedral Join Ian Clarke, a leading performer and composer in the flute world, as he leads two days of workshops, flute choir sessions and ind

How would you respond?

I always like to respond to emails as quickly as I can. I don't always manage, but I do my best. I received one the other day that I don't really know how to respond to.

Flutewise things

It's a bit of a boring time of year, lots of work being done but not much to show for it. Our three main areas of work are:
  • the website (you'll notice big differences soon)
  • market

Win a Flute!

I hope your new magazine has arrived. Please let us know!! If you go to page 8 you will find a competition to win a flute from John Packer Ltd.

Hear Wibb perform!

On of our Flutewise members, Ruth Montgomery writes: 'I know it might be a really big ask considering that the notice is quite short, but I have just had an idea that I wish to let many flutists know

The New Magazine!

I'm really excited. When I got back today after a little outing I found the new magazine had been delivered. I can't wait for people to see it and give us some feedback. I'm very, very pleased.

Flutewise Website Changes

Hi. This is Andy, your hard-working, ever-busy Flutewise webmaster here. It was quite shocking to find the website disappear two (or so) weeks ago. Unfortunately, it isn't recoverable - gone for good - never to be seen again. Luckily, Liz and I have had plans for a whole new website with many new features. Since the old website popped its mortal coil, we've been looking into the feasibility of some of our ideas and we'd like to ask you - our most loyal visitors - what you would like to see.

Looking for a new venue

Have you any ideas? I'm busy researching a possible new venue for our residential courses. It needs to be within 60 miles travelling distance of London.

Trying to catch up

I am really, really trying to catch up with everything. The summer has been so busy that my office became unbearable - I could hardly get into it.

Magazine Update

Yesterday was a very exciting day. We got the final proofs back from the new printer. We've never had this luxury before and it was quite amazing to see the magazine in full before it is printed.
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