The Price of Music!

ArmstrongGibbsI was looking through my music the other day because Kia mentioned she was pla

Biggest Flute Orchestra Challenge

This sounds really exciting!


International Handel Academy

Rachel Brown sent me this very interesting information:

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've had a lovely festive period with lots of presents, fun and a bit of flute playing.

Win a Beaumont Music Flute Case!

How would you like to win a lovely flute case? You can see the designs here

LSO Violinist takes Grade 1 flute!

A lost flute?!!

Geoff Warren sent this to me and I thought it deserved a wider audience. Read on and feel his pain!

The last night in Edinburgh.

Tara's Bronze Arts Award

Tara has been very busy completing her portfolio for her Bronze Arts Award and it gets sent off for assessment this week. Well done to Tara, her portfolio makes fascinating reading.

Win some Christmas music.

Flute Auditions - study in The Hague

This might be of interest to you:

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