Croatia Cats!

Fife workshops for teachers

If you are a flute teacher you might be interested in attending a myfife Teacher Workshop. We are working hard to try and encourage more children to start and play the flute by using the fife.

LSO Play

Wow! This is really exciting - click on the link below and you can enjoy Ravel's Bolero from 4 different positions in the orchestra starting with seeing Adam Walker playing the opening.

A big day for Stephen

StephenCDHaving run Flutewise for over 25 years now one of the most satisfying things is

Great events - Taunton and Plymouth

The nice people at John Packer (woodwind and brass shop) have sent me some information about two amazing events in their area - one in Plymouth and one in Taunton.

A new product

Flutease2I'm always impressed with people who have an idea and then actually follow it through to th

Flutewise at Purcell 2013 - 2

Georgie Turner has written this excellent report on our course at the Purcell School as part of her Silver Arts Award.

Calling all flute teachers ... ABRSM Conference

Flutewise invites you to the ABRSM Conference

 Saturday 5 October 2013 at the Mermaid Conference and Events Centre, London

Flutewise at Purcell 2013

Katie Taunton has written a report on our Purcell course to go towards her Silver Arts Award. I'm sure you will enjoy reading it.

Another Flutewise Owl!


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