BBC Performing Arts Fellowship

I've decided to applying for some funding for a lucky flute player to be a Flutewise Fellow for a year. Interested in being that person?

10th Slovenian Flute Festival

After being in Slovenia to teach the flute teachers, I was very lucky to return the following weekend for the Slovenain Flute Festival.

My travels

Team RSM, a quintet, running miles for musicians

MarthaLloyd1Martha Lloyd (right), Patrick Onn, Marie Lloyd, Brian Lloyd, and Alex Onn are

Croatia bliss

I'm currently in one of may favourite places in the world ...

Any idea where?

Abbotsholme - so many photos!

We had such a good course at Abbotsholme School this Easter holiday.

Flutewise at Abbotsholme 2014 - what a course!

Our course at Abbotsholme over the Easter holiday was fantastic. I can't believe how hard everyone worked and how much fun we all had.

Our courses aim to:

Sir James Galway Recital and website

Sir James GalwaySmallIf you live within travelling distance of London you

Amazing course! Amazing prizes!

Abbotsholme 2014 day 3

7.30 am A peaceful night! Seven young people waiting for Cathy to go for a run. Chris and Emma have already been practising for at least half an hour.

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