Fife Book History

Recently I was in Zagreb and gave a talk to flute teachers. I was thrilled to meet a teacher called Ruza who lives in Croatia.

Flute work in Croatia


Top Wind Running

Such Kindness

I've got a lovely student, called Paul, who I started to teach recently. He is making excellent progress and is great fun to teach.

Chris and Ewa are married!

Ab15Solo3Many congratulations to our fantastic pianist, Chris Baxter, who got married yesterday to E

Dreaming of Croatia

Abbotsholme 2015 day 4

I woke up to howling winds and pouring rain. It was so bad it interfered with my morning piano recital (read the pervious blog if you don't know what that is about).

Abbotsholme 2015 day 3

Abbotsholme 2015 day 2

Abbotsholme 2015 day 1

We are back once again at Abbotsholme. It's a really wonderful place to be. The weather seems like it is going to be perfect, our course members are delightful and the staff ...

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