Flutewise in Tonbridge

IanCTonbridgeI've just got back from a really, really lovely weekend in Tonbridge, Tunbridge

The Norwegian Flute Players Are Coming!

NorwegiansThis looks like an exciting weekend for Flutewise.

Flutewise (Baroque and more) News

I received an email today from Rachel Brown telling me about some interesting events. Our Flutewise Apprentice, Cathy Hare is performing in the first one - go if you can!

Flutewise and the Norwegian Flute Players

February Flutey News

I've had a fantastic flutey February!

Join Flutewise! This is what you will find

More Flutes for Croatia

I arrived home the other day to find a big box had been delivered. Any ideas what was in it?

Win a Beaumont Music Flute Case! Again!

At the end of last year we ran a competition to win a fabulous case supplied by the very nice people at Beaumont Music.

Jonathan Myall/Just Flutes on BBC!

I was having a tea break from work yesterday and flicked the TV on. What amazing timing because there was a flute player on it!

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