Such a smiley course!

1AbbotsJazzhandsOur course at Abbotsholme is over for another year. I think the most striking thing about this course was how happy everyone was, there were smiling faces virtually all the time.


This year we opened the course to other wind instruments and we had some oboes, clarinets and saxophones. Everyone got on really well and some fantastic work was done.


Even the staff look happy!

I've got 377 photos and reels of video footage. I'll do my best to get them sorted in the next few days.

If you were there why don't you write something about it in the comments box. If you weren't there you should book a place at the Purcell course!


yeah it was really hard not to smile


it was great fun i miss Abbotosholme !!!!
Thankyou so much everyone for making it so great


I absolutely loved the course!!! it was coolio!!


we were all smiling because it was so much fun!It was impossible not to smile!!!!

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