Norwegian Flute Festival

JammingI've just returned from a wonderful trip to the Norwegian Flute Festival.  I had been invited to take part by giving some advice about running a flute society (not sure if 24 years running Flutewise gives me enough experience to talk about that subject! :), also to give a talk to flute teachers and to run some workshops for young flute players. I had never been to Norway before and, needless to say, I was very excited about going. I'm delighted to say it lived up to my expectations.

It is a beautiful country, with lovely, warm friendly people and the flute festival was excellent with a perfect mix of all things that are good about the flute. I met and heard a great number of excellent flute players that I'd never met before and there were a few people there who I've known for quite a long time, these included Matthias Ziegler, Eva Kingma, Dean Stallard and Lars Asbjornsen. I heard many stunning performances and enjoyed many stimulating conversations. There was so much good stuff going on that it's hard to single anything out for special mention.

I enjoyed the talks and workshops I took part in very much. I think some of the young flute players were a bit overwhelmed during the first hour on the first day as they were asked to do things that they weren't expecting, but once the ice was broken and bubbles blown, we had a really good, constructive time. The Purple Cow was eagerly embraced and I've got some video footage of the results. We also made the first 'Circle of Flutewise Friends' - more about that soon when I get the photos sorted out.

My enormous thanks go to the lovely people in Norway who invited me to take part, the wonderful people who helped me when I was there and all the people who joined in my activities.

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