Cadogan Hall Afternoon timetable.

Here is the afternoon timetable for our event on Sunday 25 March 2012 at the Cadogan Hall, London. It is going to be really exciting! If you haven't booked your place yet HURRY!

13.00 Flutewise Apprentices Perform
Take your seats and the afternoon will start with a flute choir performance by some of our Flutewise Apprentices.
They will play:
•    Gareth McLearnon: The Flutewise Theme
•    Mike Mower: Folk Song Medley
•    Ian Clarke: Walk Like This
All of these pieces were written especially for Flutewise.

13.15 Warming Up 
     - Cadogan Rhythms

Get your flute out and join in with an amazing warm up session like you’ve never taken part in before! Gareth McLearnon will show you just how easy it is to make some really exciting noises on your flute and he will help you to turn these into a fascinating performance using the rhythms of the building we are in. Practise saying ‘Cadogan, Cadogan’ ...
Parents and other observers can go and explore the flute shops or attend a short talk in the Caversham Room - ‘How to support your child learning the flute’, hosted by some of the Flutewise Apprentices and the Flutewise Team. Places are limited so an extra ticket is needed. Details will be given once you have booked your ticket.

13.45 Mike Mower - 
The Flutewise Jigsaw
Mike Mower is composing an exciting new flute choir piece for this event. It will be a jigsaw of pieces that are good on their own but also all fit together to make one amazing piece - how exciting is that! This will be suitable for players from beginners to Grade 8+. The music will be on a projector on the stage, so music stands will not be needed. Mike will teach everyone the parts in groups - during which time the other groups will go to explore the flute shops or go to a workshop. You will perform in the premier of this piece at the end of the afternoon event!
Everyone will be divided into two groups for this.
One group will work with Mike on The Flutewise Jigsaw in the hall and the other group will explore the flute shops or go to a talk in the Caverhsam Room - ‘How to be brilliant in grade exams’, hosted by some of the Flutewise Apprentices and the Flutewise Team. Then everyone will swap over.  Places are limited for each talk so an extra ticket is needed. Details will be given once you have booked your ticket.

14.55 ABBA Playalong
Young people and adults alike just loved playing along to ABBA favourites at our last event, so we are doing this again. Sandy Hay and Tim Kipling will direct proceedings and we know we’ll all have fun! Permission is being asked for us to play the following pieces:
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!, Dancing Queen, Mama Mia
The music will be displayed on an overhead projector. If you would like to practise the music before hand you will find versions of all the pieces in ABBA Gold - Greatest Hits, Flute Play-along, Wise Publications AM996105.
More advanced players are invited to go to a talk in the Caversham Room - ‘How to prepare for auditions/interviews’, hosted by some of the Flutewise Apprentices and the Flutewise Team. Places are limited so an extra ticket is needed. Details will be given once you have booked your ticket.

15.15 Break
Explore the flute shops again. Have a drink and a snack. Have a rest. Or see how many autographs you can collect!

15.45 The Wrong Concert
The Wrong Concert is a theatrical, pantomime-style performance. It features renowned flute professionals deliberately playing badly!  It is the job of the audience to correct their mistakes and put them right...
The Wrong Concert , created by Abigail Burrows, first appeared on a Flutewise residential course in 2008 and then at Flutewise Live in the Guildhall Recital Hall in 2009. Performers included Kirsten Spratt, Lisa Nelsen, Paul Edmund-Davies, Mike Mower, Gareth McLearnon, Matej Zupan and Chris Baxter and Tim Carey on piano. It was a great success and we are delighted to stage The Wrong Concert again and make it an even bigger display of wrongness! See if you can spot the mistakes…

16.45 The Flutewise Jigsaw - world premier performance
We will end our afternoon event with the very first performance of Mike Mower’s Flutewise Jigsaw. This is something no one will have seen or played before today!

This is our plan, but of course we reserve the right to change it!


I would just like to thank all of the Apprentices, Famous Flute players and of course Liz for making the afternoon of Cadogan Hall such an enjoyable and unforgetable experiance. The mix of playing and watching was perfect, and my mum and my friend (whom I came with) both agreed with me that the Wrong Concert was a great idea and really eduacationable. Thank you to everyone involved and thank you especially to all of Apprentices that gave me loads of advice in thier talk about how to practice for a Grade 5-8 exam.

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